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Why Choose Kan-Tor & Acco?

Kan-Tor & Acco is a global immigration law firm comprised of three inter-related practice areas: Israel-bound immigration, U.S.-bound immigration & global immigration.

Here at KTA, we value our clients. Our team is constantly working to provide regular "Client Alerts" and "Breaking News" to keep you up-to-date on what's happening in the field of immigration law today.

Our firm strives to contribute added value to the practice of immigration law through publications, employee trainings and seminars, and most of all, exquisite client care. Our attorneys have authored books on immigration-related issues, published in English, German and Hebrew, as well as a series of Client Guides on specific visa types.

The KTA lawyers and attorneys are members of the Israeli Bar, AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association), IPBA (Inner Pacific Bar Association) and several United States Bar Associations.

Kan-Tor & Acco is frequently cited in the media as an authority on immigration matters, and our attorneys lecture extensively at immigration law-related events around the world, examples of which include lectures sponsored by the International Bar Association (IBA), the Inter Pacific Bar Association (IPBA), the Israel Bar Association, the Israel Export Institute, and the Israel Management Association.

We are committed to achieving the highest standards of ethical conduct and ensuring that it, its lawyers, employees and others who may provide services on its behalf, act in compliance with all applicable laws of the countries in which KTA operates. This includes compliance with all laws, domestic and foreign, prohibiting improper payments or inducements to any person, including Public Officials. To ensure compliance with these laws, KTA has adopted this Global Anti-Corruption Policy. This Policy applies, subject to and in accordance with any applicable local law and regulatory requirement, to each partner and fixed share partner, all other lawyers, and employees of KTA and to each agent, representative & consultant. To read our Anti-Corruption Policy please click here.

Israel Immigration Department

Kan-Tor & Acco is a leader in the field of Israeli corporate immigration law. We work to secure work permits for experts and professionals being relocated to Israel by multinational firms in fields such as high-tech, semiconductors, banking, aviation, telecommunications, management consultancy, and diamonds.

United States Immigration Department

The principal mission of the U.S. Department is to assist corporations and individuals in relocating to the U.S. Our client services extend not only to Israeli clientele, but also to professional employees and experts from other countries around the world. Our client base ranges from multinational corporations and industry leaders to technology start-ups and diamond traders. In addition to the core corporate practice, our U.S. Immigration Department has developed expertise in assisting with the visa needs of international journalists, religious workers, and family-based immigration issues.

Global Corporate Immigration Department

Using our Global Integration Center and a network of international vendors and affiliates, we can provide you complete world-wide corporate immigration services. Whether you need to transfer workers from the U.S. to Russia, Argentina to Singapore, Ireland to Kazakhstan, or Germany to Australia, Kan-Tor & Acco can assist you with the immigration of employees from all corners of the globe!



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